What Vital Scoop™ Users Are Saying…

“Great product and customer service. Highly recommend over all of the other supplements I’ve tried.”

Jon M., Saint Helena, CA

“Vital Scoop is great and the owners are awesome people. I feel good supporting them and their product.
Real ingredients + real people = real health!”

Marlina E. Santa Rosa

“Vital Scoop gives me energy and makes me feel younger…basically a not-so-old guy.”

Nik G.

“Vital Scoop™ provides a quality meal or snack that helps balance blood sugar and promote healing. It’s quick and easy to use, making it a ‘no brainer’ … great for travel too!”

R.N., Morgan Hill, CA

“Vital Scoop™ is my favorite protein supplement because it tastes good, is easy to stir into liquid, and it has fruit nutrients which I am unable to get in my regular diet, since I cannot eat fruit”

A.C., Rohnert Park, CA

“Vital Scoop™ has become a vital product in my private practice. As one of the best tasting food supplements I’ve found, it has become indispensable for getting my clients to eat adequate amounts of protein at breakfast, and sometimes for snacks. Recently, however, Vital Scoop™ has shown itself to be potentially far more health- enhancing than I imagined.”

Jodi Friedlander, M.S., N.C.

“I am not good about eating my vegetables, so I need a green product. I like Vital Scoop™ because it not only gives me all the green food I want, but also includes protein and fiber, taking care of everything I desire in one easy-to-use product.”

C.P., Santa Rosa, CA

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