Overcome Eating Out Fear

We hear all the time that the best way to eat healthy is to eat at home. At home, we are able to control what we eat. Great idea however let’s face it, it just not always practical. After all, many of us leave the house to go to work, take care of errands, visit friends, travel, and have some fun. Let’s work with what we have. At home, 100% is just not real life.

Here are some ideas on how we can stay on track by continuing to eat healthy and make the best of most situations.

Be okay with saying “No Thank You” – In social, family, and work situations, we often have food being put in our faces. If it’s something that we really don’t want to eat, let’s give ourselves permission to say “no thank you.” We do not have to eat it just because it’s being offered to us.

Travel with healthy snacks – Let’s not get stuck out at the mall hungry with no good options. Always have safe healthy food snacks with you. Nuts and seeds, seaweed, apples, a thermos of hot soup, a healthy bar, etc. All of these are good options to get us through hunger.

Eat before the party – We almost never know what kind of food will be at a party. Be sure to eat before you fo so that you are not hungry when you get there. If it’s a potluck, bring something you can eat. It helps you to have food for yourself and can help share new options to the other guests.

Choose healthy restaurants or options – If you’re going out to eat, choose a healthy restaurant. If you can’t make the restaurant choice, before you order, ask questions and ask for substitutions. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. Most restaurants are able to accommodate you in some way.

Bon appetit!

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